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Preciously Paris Hand-Made Embroidery
Preciously Paris Hand-made Embroidery
Preciously Paris Hand Made Embroidery
Preciously Paris Hand Made
Preciously Paris Hand Made Handbags
Preciously Paris Hand Made Handbags
Preciously Paris Hand Made Handbags
All our accessories are entirely hand-made and strictly limited to 38 pieces each.

Each creation is born from a multitude of sketches, mood boards and searches for colors and materials that come from the same universe as Carole Tessier's global interior and architectural projects.

The embroidery is applied to the uber-playful designs in our Parisian workshops and require between 20 and 30 hours. Our team of Art Embroiderers are masters of their craft, using traditional techniques such as the Lunéville Crochet or the application of gold-threads. The embroidered panel is then transferred to a single craftsman that will shape it by hand into a bag and set it in its custom-made numbered box.

"I feel a profound connection with the French Art de Vivre", says Carole Tessier. "The craftsmanship that is so ever present in Paris is a constant source of wonder. It's a priceless treasure." and always guides her creative instincts for each and every handbag, that she personally hold in her hands and thoroughly inspect before sending it to one of her jet-setting clients around the world.